Enjoy the best Sumo Tournament

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The Grand Sumo tournament will be taking place in four different cities in Japan, specifically in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Not only will you be able to watch some genuine sumo action, but you can also delve into the fantastically exotic food! Be it a bowl of Chanko, an incredibly nutritious stew notorious among sumo wrestlers, or Kokugikan’s very own yakitori, a delicacy that goes hand in hand with beer and is something of a spectators necessity for the locals, you’re certain to experience something unlike anything else you’ve experienced yet!
Watch some genuine sumo play out before your very eyes! With the history of sumo spanning over an impressive fifteen hundred years, the sport has developed and cultured throughout its history! Originally a ceremony to predict the harvest, the sport eventually opened to professional wrestlers and during a new reign of peace within the Japanese dynasty of Tokugawa shogunate, official sumo tournaments became a regular occurrence throughout the year! The tradition has since continued with the Grand Sumo Tournament taking centre spot in all things sumo!
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Upcoming Tour dates

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