Terms of Use Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions and agreement.
These Terms and Conditions (“Terms of Use”) regulate the use of the portal (hereinafter, the “Website”) that belongs to 360Experience S.L, which has its headquarters at Calle Uribitarte nº6, floor nº 2º, 48001 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain, with the CIF (corporate fiscal identification number) B-95784443 and is registered in the Vizcaya Merchantile Registry under, Volume 5499, Page 69, Sheet BI-65243. Travel Agency license number: 2334
With the use of the services provided by this Website, one assumes the position of “Website User” (hereinafter, the “User”), which implies the full acceptance, without reservation, of each and every one of the rules and regulations included in the “Terms and Conditions” that is published by StubHub Corporate, at the time the User accesses the Website.
Furthermore, use of the Website is regulated by all notices, regulations of use and instructions that have been provided to the User by StubHub Corporate, who may substitute, add to, and/or modify these Terms of Use.
StubHub Corporate reserves the right to modify the stipulations of these Terms of Use. In this case, StubHub Corporatewill replace the previous version of the Terms of Use on the Website.
The subsequent use of any service by the User after modification of the Terms of Use implies the acceptance, without a doubt, of the modified Terms of Use.
1. Terms of Use
Simply accessing the Website and browsing its Content is free of charge.
The purpose of the Website is to provide Users with information about the Service offered by StubHub Corporateand its Content. On the Website, the User will have access to general information about the Global Service of StubHub Corporate, and other information that might be of interest.
The User will be able to request specific information about the general information provided on the StubHub Corporate Website, via form that can be found in various sections of the Website. The form will be processed by StubHub Corporate as soon as possible. The sending of the form by the User and receipt of the form by StubHub Corporate does not entail the User using any services and does not oblige StubHub Corporate to provide them.
StubHub Corporate includes on their website various and general information about services, characteristics and other relevant information that can be of interest to the User and that, depending on the case, could also be information about services and promotions facilitated to StubHub Corporate by suppliers or third party companies. In  these cases, StubHub Corporate will not take responsibility for the information available on the website and will not assume any forceful  adherence to the same.
2.- The User’s obligation to make proper use of the Website and its Content and services
The User commits to using the Website offered therein in accordance with the Law, the Terms of Use of the Service and other notifications, regulations of use and instructions made available, including rules regarding behaviour and generally accepted etiquette, as well as public order and the particular conditions of services.
To this effect, the User will abstain from using the Website and/or the site Content with ends that would be illicit and/or detrimental to the rights and interests of both StubHub Corporate and third parties, or that could in any way harm, render useless, overburden, deteriorate, or impede the normal use of the Website, computer equipment, or the documents, files, or information stored in any computer equipment (ie. hacking) of StubHub Corporate , of any other User or of any third party User regarding both hardware and software.
By accepting these Terms of Use the User commits to abstain from:
  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any way publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Contents, except with authorization by the holder of the corresponding rights, or if it be legally permissible;
  • Delete, manipulate or in any way alter the “copyright” and other identifiable data on the reservation of rights of StubHub Corporate, or of its holders, of digital fingerprints, or any other technical means that can be recognised;
  • Obtaining, or attempting to obtain, the site Content using methods or procedures which differ from those that have been made available or been indicated to this effect on the Website, or, in general, from those which are commonly used on the Internet to this effect so long as they do not incur a risk of damage or render the Website, the services, and/or Contents useless.
In case of total or partial breach by the User of these Terms of Use and / or legislation, the User is liable for all damages of any kind that StubHub Corporate or any third party may suffer as a result of such failure.
You acknowledge and agree that the information contained in the Website is for general and informational purposes and specifying, where appropriate, the nature, scope, availability and / or suitability of various services reported in the Website will be held, if necessary, following notification by the User through the appropriate form or method of inquiry made available on the Website. You therefore acknowledge and agree that by informing StubHub Corporate (without access to sending or receiving information) you are in no way bound to the StubHub Corporate and vice versa. If you use the services of StubHub Corporate, conduct outside the Website and its Content is regulated by an agreement between the parties.
3.Promotional offers
StubHub Corporate may offer promotions or discounts on services (on the Website) whose terms and limitations will be announced on the Website and are expressly provided for this purpose only.
4. Communication and notifications
In general, to improve forms of notification, all communication between Users and StubHub Corporate Website will be made in writing via email to the address
However, in exceptional circumstances, for faster communication or notifications, contact StubHub Corporate using the phone number provided on the application form on the Website and StubHub Corporate will send a confirmation of this by email as soon as possible.
All notifications from StubHub Corporate to the User are deemed effective for all purposes when conducted in the following ways:
  • Sending an email to the address provided by the User in the information request form available on the Website.
  • Communication via phone to the phone number provided by the User in said information request form.
  •  In this way, all notifications or communication made by the User to StubHub Corporate will be considered valid if you have made contact using means mentioned above. For this purpose, the User declares that all information provided by them is true and correct and will notify StubHub Corporate of any changes concerning notification data.
5. Introduction of hyperlinks that allow access to the Website and its services
The Users, and in general, all persons wishing to establish a hyperlink between their Website and the StubHub Corporate Website (hereinafter, the “Hyperlink”) must comply with the following conditions:
  • The Hyperlink will only allow access to the homepage of the Website, but may not reproduce it in any way or fashion;
  • No frame will be created over the Website pages;
  • No false, inexact, or incorrect manifestations or declarations will be made regarding StubHub Corporate, its administrators, employees, collaborators, pages of the Website and the services offered;
  • No declaration or suggestion will be made implying that StubHub Corporate has authorized the Hyperlink or supervised or assumed in any way the services offered or rendered by the Website that includes the Hyperlink;
  • An exception will be made for those signs which form part of the Hyperlink, the Website which includes the Hyperlink will contain no trademark, commercial name, establishment sign, denomination, logo, slogan, or other distinctive sign pertinent to StubHub Corporate;
  • The webpage that establishes the Hyperlink will not contain information or illicit Content, contrary to morality, generally accepted etiquette, and public order, and it cannot contain Content contrary to any third party rights.
  • The establishment of the Hyperlink does not implicate in any case the existence of a relation between StubHub Corporate, and the proprietor of the web page that establishes the Hyperlink, nor any acceptance or approval by StubHub Corporate, of such Contents or services.
6. Intellectual or Industrial Property. No licensing.
All trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind which appear on the Website are the property of StubHub Corporate, or of third parties, so it may never be interpreted that the use of, or access to the Website and/or the Services, attribute to the User any right over said trademarks, trade names, and/or distinctive signs.
Furthermore, the Contents is intellectual property of StubHub Corporate, or of third parties, that cannot be considered ceded to the User, nor, by virtue of that which is established in these Terms of Use, any of the rights of exploitation that exist or may exist over said Content beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the Website and the Services.
7. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility.
StubHub Corporate generally provides Users with the guarantee of privacy, security and confidentiality of the data provided.
StubHub Corporate expressly informs Users that under no circumstances are StubHub Corporate responsible for the economic Content (prices, promotional discounts …) benefits that may arise if published on the Website, with respect to services offered by other companies, which are solely and exclusively managed by the Company / Product or Service in question, that facilitates and provides StubHub Corporate with such information, offers and / or discounts or benefits to Users.
StubHub Corporate is not liable to Users or third parties, acts of any third party outside StubHub Corporate that involve or could involve carrying out acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising or infringement of intellectual property rights; also industrial / trade secrets, contractual commitments of any kind, the rights to honour personal, family privacy and image, as well as property rights and all other rights belonging to a third party by reason of the transmission, diffusion, storage, availability, reception or access to the Content.
8. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities for the functioning of the Website.
Availability, continuity and fallibility.
StubHub Corporate, does not guarantee the availability, continuity and functioning of the Website. When possible, StubHub Corporate, will give Users prior warning of interruption in the functioning of the Website and its services. StubHub Corporate, does not guarantee its infallibility and in particular, but not exclusively, that Users may effectively use the Website and its services, gain access to the different web pages that form the Website or those from which services are rendered.
StubHub Corporate, excludes with every extension permissible by Law, any responsibility for damages of any nature that may result from the lack of availability or continuity in the functioning of the Website and its services; as well as and the non-compliance of personal expectations that Users may attribute to the Website, to its usefulness, to the site Content or services, the fallibility of the Website and its Services and, in particular, but not exclusively, failure to access to the different web pages that form part of the Website or those from which services are offered
StubHub Corporate, does not control nor guarantee the absence of viruses or any other elements in the Contents that may alter the computer (software and / or hardware), or in the electronic documents or files stored in the system.
StubHub Corporate, does not take any responsibility for damages of any nature that may be due to the presence of a virus or to the presence of other elements in the Contents that may alter the computer system, electronic documents or files of the User.
Veracity, accuracy, thoroughness and currency.
StubHub Corporate, does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, thoroughness and currency of Content.
StubHub Corporate, excludes any responsibility for damages of any nature that may be due to a lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustibility or currency of Content.
9. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the use of the Website, its Services, and its Content by Users.
StubHub Corporate, is not obliged to control and does not control the use of the Website, its Services and Content by the Users. Specifically, StubHub Corporate, does not guarantee that Users make use of the Website, its Services, and its Content in accordance with the present Terms of Use nor that they do so diligently and prudently.
StubHub Corporate, is not obliged to control and does not control the use of the Website, its Services and Content by the Users. Specifically, StubHub Corporate, does not guarantee that Users make use of the Website, its Services, and its Content in accordance with the present Terms of Use nor that they do so diligently and prudently.
StubHub Corporate, excludes any responsibility for damages of any nature that may result from the use of its Contents by Users or may be due to a lack of veracity, accuracy, thoroughness and/or authenticity of the data furbished by Users about themselves to other Users and in particular, but not exclusively, for damages of any nature that may be due to the impersonation of a third party by a User in any sort of communication done through the Website.
10. Protection of personal information. Use of cookies.
In order to consult or request information about any of the site Content, Users must provide StubHub Corporate via the request information form, including certain personal information (hereinafter, “Personal Information”). StubHub Corporate will treat Personal Information in an automated nature, with the finality and under the conditions defined in its Policy of Protection of Personal Information, which can be found on the Website.
StubHub Corporate has adopted the levels of security and protection of information required by Law and endeavours to install additional means and technical measures of protection. However, the User must be aware that the security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.
StubHub Corporate may use their cookies or third-party cookies when a User navigates pages on the Website. The cookies that may be used on the pages of the Website are only associated with the navigator of a particular computer (an anonymous User) and do not in themselves provide the name and surname of the User. Thanks to cookies, it is possible for StubHub Corporate to recognize the navigation system of the registered Users after they have registered the first time, making it unnecessary to register for each visit to access the areas and Services available exclusively to them. The cookies used cannot read cookie files created by other providers. Users may configure their navigator in order to be informed on screen of the reception of cookies and to impede the installation of cookies to their hard drive. Please consult the instructions and manuals of your navigator to expand this information.
The cookies used on the pages of the Website may be served by StubHub Corporate, in which case they are served from the different servers operated by them, or by the servers of determined third parties that render the service of cookies for StubHub Corporate, (for example, cookies that are used for publicity and determine Content and those which make the User visualize publicity or certain Content at the time and afterwards). For more information about Cookies used by StubHub Corporate, the User can consult the Cookie Policy available on the Website.
11. Removal and suspension of services.
StubHub Corporate, may remove or suspend the Website Service or other services at any time and without prior warning to those Users that are not compliant with the present Terms of Use.
Likewise, StubHub Corporate, is authorized to terminate or suspend the Website Service and/or any other services, at any moment. However, when reasonably possible, StubHub Corporate will give prior warning of termination or suspension, as soon as possible, of the rendering of the Website Service and other services provided; this will be done at the discretion of StubHub Corporate
12. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.
The provided service of this Website and the present Terms of Use are regulated at all times and in all aspects by Spanish Law and Spanish mercantile legislation. Except for legal obligation, which would result in the application of another jurisdiction, the User and StubHub Corporate, with expressed resignation of their own privileges, will submit any controversy pertaining to the compliance and interpretation of the present Terms of Use to the Jurisdiction and Courts of the city of Bilbao (Vizcaya, Spain). However, the User and StubHub Corporate will make all reasonable efforts to solve any conflicts and incidents that may occur in an amicable fashion.