A new edition of the Oktoberfest is back another year to receive the visit of miles of people in Münich. The most important festival in Germany takes place from 22 of September to 7 October in the field Theresienwiere, in the city of Munich and congregates about 6 million visitors every year. At StubHub Corporate we have the best tickets, do not think about it anymore and live the authentic Oktoberfest!
The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria with Princess Theresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Since then, it takes place in the ‘Theresienwiese’ (also known as wiesn), an open field just off the Munich Wall. After the success of the first celebration, the festival continued to be celebrated and its beginning was advanced one September to take advantage of the more benign climatology of this month. The Oktoberfest ends on the first Sunday of October.
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The mayor of Munich will start the first barrel of beer in the noon and a new edition of the Oktoberfest will be inaugurated, the tents will have traditional furniture Bavarian style. Inside, you will find 4,000 to 7,000 seats, with the best atmosphere,the beer halls are divided into three areas: the center, the boxes and the gallery. The guests usually sit on wooden benches with up to 10 people each. The dishes of the tents are hearty and vary between classic brasserie.