Treat your customers to the VIP experience at the 2018 World Cup

Staff writer – May 16, 2018

The FIFA World Cup will begin this June in Russia with a total of 64 matches in 12 locations across 11 cities, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing on your agenda as we have covered some of the top experiences that will have you making the most out of every city on the tour. Don’t miss a moment this summer with these top VIP experiences on and off the field.

Live fast and travel faster with the Fast Track Airport VIP Service. Arrive in Russia without worry with a 24/7 concierge service to take you from passport control to customs and every detail in between. A personal driver can then take you to your hotel or to the city. Don’t take a minute away from Moscow by waiting in lines.


Once at the stadium, take your luxury experience at the World Cup to new heights in the Tsarsky Lounge. This exclusive lounge is above the halfway line featuring an excellent view of the pitch making it perfect for the biggest football fans. While in the lounge, enjoy luxury accommodations such as lavish décor, gourmet local and international dishes, and exclusive access. Get ultimate social media bragging rights with a photo-op around every corner of the lounge. 


Don’t lower your standards when leaving the field. Take in and taste Moscow from a bird’s eye view in the Ostankino Tower restaurant 7th Heaven located 328 meters in the sky. This legendary restaurant was opened in 1967 and features 360-degree rotating floors, traditional cuisine, and the best views of Moscow city.


Take it from the pitch to a pirouette with the infamous Russian ballet Anna Karenina being featured on the Bolshoi main stage this season. The Bolshoi has been regarded as one of the main sights in Russia and is rich with history. Book a ticket for the Anna Karenina ballet playing during the World Cup and a VIP building tour of the Bolshoi with exclusive access and special viewings for a memorable experience.

Save some time for space travel with an MIG-29 Edge of Space Flight. Break the sound barrier when an MIG-29 fighter jet takes you to the edge of space looking down to earth from 22 kilometers above. Get an adrenaline rush unlike any other as you become a stunt double during the flight when maneuvering a wide array of stunts and acrobatics.

Indulge in traditional Russian gastronomy at the Belmond Hotel. The Caviar Bar and Restaurant is best known for its caviar and vodka pairing menu. Choose from a various array of caviars and local crisp vodkas making for enticing courses. You don’t have to taste test to enjoy the Belmond Hotel, they also offer fine dining and authentic Russian afternoon tea.

Take roughing it out of the outdoors with a luxurious Kamchatka VIP excursion. Travel in comfort while viewing the volcano Tolbachik, experience a volcanic eruption, bathe in a hot spring, take a helicopter excursion over the volcano and end with a sea cruise in the Pacific Ocean.

Experience every city of the World Cup with one of a kind experiences and VIP packages that take you from the city to the skyline. The excitement, adrenaline, and luxury doesn’t have to end when you leave the World Cup stadium this summer in Russia.