Travel Group Management Tips

Staff writer – March 14, 2018

How to handle the biggest challenges managing a group trip.

As a corporate travel group manager, you need to know your options at every turn, anticipate road blocks, and organize an engaging experience for a large group, all within your budget. There are a lot of small details to handle, but with our top tips, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Travel Group Tips StubHub Corporate

1. Review the company’s travel policy

Many of the obstacles travel mangers run into can be avoided by reviewing the company’s travel policies before starting the plans. Knowing what the company expects right from the start will go a long way in avoiding any issues. It never hurts to get a refresher, and this is especially important if there are multiple people responsible for updating the travel policies. 


2. Know the purpose of the trip

Is it a strictly business-related trip, an incentive or reward trip, or something else entirely? Knowing the purpose of the trip is paramount to planning a successful and appropriate schedule. 


Travel Group Tips StubHub Corporate

3. Plan thoroughly, but be prepared for last-minute changes

Even the best laid plans can fall apart if one thing goes wrong, so have a backup plan for every step of the way. Alternate accommodation, travel arrangements, and entertainment are the most important aspects.

4. Use travel group perks and loyalty points

Traveling with large groups means big bucks for whatever companies you organize with. Choose companies that offer perks or loyalty points, and be ready to cash them in for big savings. If your preferred vendor or provider doesn’t already have perks or loyalty systems in place, it might be worth mentioning that this is something your company would appreciate for this and future trips.

5. Book early

Last-minute trips are inevitable, but book your travel group and accommodations as far in advance as possible to take advantage of lower prices and better choices. Late bookings can often lead to long layovers for some travelers and not enough rooms at your preferred hotels. With your people spread far and wide, scheduling becomes much more difficult.

6. Make sure everyone has all important numbers and a copy of the schedule

Your carefully-planned group trip won’t mean a thing if someone forgets their phone, doesn’t have a copy of the schedule, or ends up at the wrong hotel. Be sure everyone has updated numbers and addresses for everything, including the airlines, hotels, and venues.

7. Have a trusted outside source of travel group planning on your speed dial

Corporate travel group managers have a lot to pay attention to, so it’s often a good idea to enlist the help of an outside agent that can help with some of the preparation and planning. By letting a trusted, knowledgeable expert handle some of the travel, venue, accommodation, and event aspects, that leaves you more time to concentrate on scheduling an efficient, enjoyable, and cost-effective trip for everyone.