Travel Agent Success: Beat Out the Competition

Staff writer – July 05, 2018

There’s a lot of competition out there today. With internet services driving sales and making the world a little smaller, it can sometimes feel like you’re competing against every other agent out there. But in truth your biggest competitor is you. If you’re doing everything you can to come out on top, staying true to yourself and your clientele, then the competition will melt into the dust.

Service StubHub Corporate Travel Agent SuccessLet’s start with an easy one: pricing. Pricing has a major impact in both front and back-end business transactions. Master those skills of finding the best deals from suppliers. Get the best rates possible by creating strong B2B connections. These are savings you can pass on to clientele. Competitive pricing goes a long way to winning new and repeat business. Of course you need to consider your own value and ensure you’re being paid (by yourself or others) fairly for the quality of your services, but by finding the best services and charging fair prices you allow yourself a viable wage while still being able to offer competitive travel deals. The end result is expressed by the value you can offer your clientele.


Service to your client is paramount. Service comprises many other smaller skills that are immensely vital to successful business. How trustworthy are you? Do you respond to new and repeat business inquiries in a timely manner? These skills reflect the service you provide. Do you only make promises you know you can definitely keep? Do you maintain a standard response time frame that those who do business with you know they can depend on? This doesn’t mean you have to be tethered to your business phone or email constantly, neglecting friends and family, but it does mean that you need to be consistent and honest in the promises you make. People trust their travel agents not just to book them a flight – anyone can do that online these days – they’re looking for specialists who can offer superb experiences and help them when things go wrong – like when a flight delay means missing a vital connection. The best service is trustworthy, reliable, and responsive.

And ultimately, are you genuine with your clientele? Do you find that human connection? Business begins with two parties engaging in professional trade but it should develop into a professionally-based relationship. To create a truly successful business – one that leaves your competitors in the dust – you need to care about your clientele. This is what drives you to find the best deals, the most memorable experiences, and the top destinations that best suit each client. This is what allows you to offer that dream trip to the couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or the VIP meet and greet experience for the die hard Real Madrid or Chelsea fan. This is what really creates that special touch that keeps people coming back, and referring their friends, associates, and whoever else they meet who needs a travel agent who stands out on top.