11 things to enjoy at Wimbledon 2018, plus cool things to do in the neighborhood.

Staff writer – May 18, 2018

If your clients are tennis fans, they’re not going to miss Wimbledon Grand Slam this year. But what can you tell them to do from 2 July to 15 July during their holiday to London to make their Wimbledon Grand Slam adventure unforgettable?

At the Grand Slam

The first tennis championship at Wimbledon was held in 1877, and the courts are much different now than they were then. Nowadays, there’s much more to see and experience at Wimbledon than just tennis.


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Henman Hill

The Hill is situated on the north side of No. 1 Court and offers a great view of the large screen. It’s a popular place for Grounds Pass Ticket Holders, and is known by many names, including Aorangi Terrace, the Hill, Henman Hill (a term especially popular during the 1990s), and Mound Murray. 


Live music

Send your clients to visit the Tea Lawn every day during the championships for live music. Bands perform each morning at 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and again in the afternoon from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  


Catering services

Wimbledon is passionate about the food and drinks available at the championships. In fact, Wimbledon is the largest sporting catering event in Europe with a staff of over 2,000 people. It typically sells more than 330,000 cups of tea and coffee, 234,000 meals, 16,000 portions of fish and chips, and 25,000 scones.

Strawberries and cream

The people at Wimbledon Grand Slam are serious about their strawberries and cream. There are typically 28,000 kg consumed with over 10,000 litres of fresh cream. They pick the strawberries at 4 a.m. each morning just for guests.

Flora and fauna

The grounds themselves are beautiful, with many different plants and flowers planted throughout, including hydrangeas, Boston ivy, petunias, foxglove, roses, and more.


Elsewhere in Wimbledon

There’s plenty to do in Wimbledon in addition to watching tennis. After all, people need something to do during the off-season. Here are some places to suggest that your clients visit during their stay in London for the Grand Slam:


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Wimbledon Grand Slam Common

This popular woodland area is 1,140 acres and the home of the BBC television show the Wombles. Keep an eye out for wild mushrooms, as this area is popular with fungi foragers.

Windmill museum

One of Wimbledon’s treasures is its windmill, an architectural marvel dating back to 1817. The windmill is at Wimbledon Common.

Horseback riding

Even if your clients are beginners, they can enjoy horseback riding in Wimbledon. Even the traffic lights are there to honor the horses. Send your clients to visit one of the local stables for more information about an equestrian experience.

The theatre

For a cultural experience, visit one of the Wimbledon theatres. Try the Polka Theatre for kids or the New Wimbledon Theatre for adults.

Wat Buddhapadipa

Hidden in suburbia, this beautiful Thai Buddhist temple is a great photo and cultural opportunity.

A pub

There are many pubs, bars, and clubs that are possible with Londoners, including Hemingway’s, the Dog & Fox, and many more.