How To Glam It Up at a Tennis Travel Grand Slam

Staff writer – March 13, 2018

Tennis is a beloved sport around the globe, transcending countries, languages, and politics. There are long-held traditions in tennis, but to truly appreciate the essence of the sport and honor the rich history behind it, we must understand the unique traditions of each of the four majors and how our clientele can better immerse themselves in them.

Tennis Travel Stubhub CorporateAustralian Open


In 1905 the Australian Open was born, and is one of two Grand Slam tournaments held on a hard court. It’s sometimes called “The Fans Slam” due to the great atmosphere and enthusiastic attendees. Unlike the stoic and calm nature of Wimbledon, the Australian Open is often described as a huge party with a few thousand of your closest friends. While fans are allowed to bring their own food and drink, the venue offers an incredible selection of local restaurants and vendors. 


French Open (Roland Garros)

The iconic red clay courts of the French Open are only the first sign of unique things to come when you first step into this incredible event. With high-stacked bleachers that give everyone a fantastic view of the action, 20 courts on 21 acres await fans and players alike. A beloved French Open tradition is the court sweepers. Much like the ball boys and ball girls of Wimbledon, the court sweepers of the French Open are a source of pride and provide important symbolism to the event. In any tennis travel a favorite food at this Grand Slam event is crepes and Nutella. Since Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals, you are likely to find yourself in a sea of designer clothes and Panama hats. 


Tennis Travel Stubhub CorporateWimbledon

Even non-tennis fans have heard of Wimbledon. As the oldest Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon has been building traditions since 1877. Perhaps one of the most beloved traditions is enjoying the summer delicacy Strawberries and Cream. Tennis fans attending Wimbledon each year consume over 28,000kg of strawberries and 7,000 liters of cream. Another favorite is drinking a refreshing Pimm’s Cup—the quintessential summer British cocktail.

US Open

The US Open is the second oldest Grand Slam tournament, founded in 1881 in New York, a mere 4 years after Wimbledon. As such, the US Open has its own set of traditions. Where Wimbledon is known for its tranquility, the US Open embraces the uniqueness of American culture through a wide variety of food, exciting music, and fantastic entertainment beyond the courts. While Wimbledon may get actual royalty, the US Open is a popular event for celebrities from all over the world; with the right pass, you could be rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite.

It would be impossible to choose a single Grand Slam event to visit, considering the wide range of traditions, foods, and atmospheres of each. If tennis travel is your clients; passion—playing or watching—you can’t go wrong with VIP seats and the full, exclusive package to see them all.