Claim Your Social Media Bragging Rights at the World Cup in Moscow.

Staff writer – April 9, 2018

Social Media StubHub CorporateNo one travels anywhere without publishing pictures and details of their trips on social media. When you send your customers off on their World Cup adventure, you want to be sure that their pictures and experiences are the best so that you can claim your social media bragging rights.

To start off with, they need to have the ultimate VIP experience at the football matches themselves. Consider partnering with MATCH to get a FIFA World Cup Russia™ Official Hospitality Programme that will make your customers’ World Cup experience one they’ll never forget, for all the right reasons.


These hospitality packages include the best tickets to the Final, tickets to matches for specific teams, tickets to matches in a specific city, and many other options. There are different service levels, so your customers can get the package they want at prices they can afford.


In between matches, your customers need things to do in Moscow. This won’t be difficult; there is a lot to see in Moscow and tons to do, but you want your clients to experience the absolute best so that when they share details from their trip, their followers will know that you made their adventure spectacular.


There are many fun and beautiful experiences for your clients to enjoy, especially when it comes to architecture, tours, and live entertainment.


The most picturesque architecture

You want your customers posting pictures of the best things Moscow has to offer, and some of the most picturesque items in this Russian city are its buildings. The most picturesque buildings and areas that are a must-see in Moscow include:

  • Social Media StubHub CorporateSt. Basil’s Cathedral
  • The Kremlin
  • Red Square
  • Old Arbat Street
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • GUM
  • Gorky Park
  • Moscow Cathedral Mosque
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Many of these locations offer tours and may be willing to with your company to offer a unique experience for your travelers.


Private tour availability

There are group and private tours available in many locations in Moscow, both of beautiful and historic buildings as well as the entire city itself. You can work with companies to plan tours that include vodka tastings, hot air balloon rides over the city, driving tours, and boat tours. Many walking tours are also available, by day or by night, depending on how people want to view the city. Tours can have different themes like historical or artistic and can talk half a day or a full day.

The best entertainment venues

Moscow is home to fine art in many forms. Send your clients to see a show or marvel at beautiful art in places such as:

  • The Bolshoi Theatre
  • Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Denchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre
  • Folk Theatre
  • Art Gallery of the European and American Countries of the XIX-XX Centuries
  • The State Tretyakov Gallery
  • Moscow Art Theatre

The most exciting events

There are always exciting things happening in Moscow. Some events being held at the same time of the World Cup include:

  • Taste of Moscow, where the city’s best restaurants are open for special tastings and classes
  • Moscow International Film Festival, an annual celebration of film from all over the world
  • Nashetsvie, also known as the Russian Woodstock
  • Ivan Kupalo Day is celebrated throughout Russia on July 6-7. Traditions include girls wearing flower or herb wreaths in their hair, then decorating them with candles in the evening and setting them afloat

Giving your customers access to these beautiful areas, delightful entertainment and exciting events is sure to give you the social media bragging rights you deserve!