Key 5 actions to engage fans and enhance concert experience

Staff writer – April 16, 2018

Concert fans StubHub CorporateFans are the most important assets an artist can have. Their unconditional devotion to a band, an artist or a style is a fuel that can drive careers and define trajectories. The most devoted fans will follow and support their favorite artists throughout their entire lives. These guys are the necessary foundation for the long-term success of any artist. However, don’t presume that fans will all blindly follow their idols without expecting something in return.

Fans want to be part of the inner circles, and everyone has always been aware of that. The difference now is that artists, festivals, and brands have come to realize that creating initiatives to enhance the overall audience experience, as well as initiatives that propitiate extraordinary moments to some lucky few super fans, might trigger a series of positive outcomes and initiate a virtuous cycle in the triad brand-artist-audience.


We live in the digital era, and possibilities are limitless. The advent of new technologies allows fans to be in places they never imagined possible. Using digital channels offers the possibility of extending relationships to forge more profound experiences. Now everyone can follow the daily routine of their idols on social media, watch concerts in real time on the other side of the world through virtual reality gadgets, or even see the hologram of a dead singer performing on a festival stage. Such experiences are magic and will reverberate for a long time. Better, these rewarding relationships continue to create value over time as they are continuously repeated and shared by its participants. Wouldn’t you like to share such fantastic experience?


Welcome to the Enhanced Fan Experience era. If you are curious, we made a list of five innovative concert experiences that every fan would love to be a part of.


Wiz Khalifa’s Tour Bus Hang Out

The Californian rapper Wiz Khalifa offered his biggest fans the possibility of joining his life on the road for a day. A few lucky winners – together with some others lucky enough to be able to pay for it – had the chance to see his tour bus and could hang out with Wiz backstage before show time. Some of the fans were even invited on stage to sing a song with the rapper.

Concert fans StubHub Corporate

Sonar + Richie Hawtin, Together for a Good Cause

The Canadian techno legend Richie Hawtin teamed up with Sonar Festival to create a raffle, and the grand prize included 2 VIP passes for a full Sonar experience. The winner experienced three nights at a hotel in Barcelona, full access to all festival programs, and backstage access to enjoy Hawtin’s show closer than anyone else. Fans had to follow-through with any of the social actions available on the promo’s website or donate money to a music school from South Africa to have a chance to win.

MTV’s Ultimate Fan Experience

Since 2015, Music Television hosts a contest that rewards superfans with a special day with their favorite artists. The prizes are personalized according to the artist and range from teaching a Gym class in Vegas with Pitbull to watching Ed Sheeran play an exclusive concert for you and one of your friends.

Spotify connects superfans with their favorite artists at SXSW

Spotify and SXSW went on a joint venture to reward music aficionados going to Austin for the avant-garde multimedia festival. Through an algorithm that identifies the most passionate fans of various SXSW artists, the music platform offers them exclusive access to parties, performances and unique experiences with artists such as The Black Angels.

Coachella’s VR AR Experience

Coachella is known as one of the most influential events in the music world, where the creation of groundbreaking initiatives is a requirement. However, the festival’s app for virtual and augmented realities is an experience apart. By aiming your cell phone at stages, objects or the festival ticket, festival-goers can unveil a whole new universe that might include visual effects and exclusive content.

Giving your customers access to these beautiful areas, delightful entertainment and exciting events is sure to give you the social media bragging rights you deserve!