How To Choose The Best Destination for Your Incentive Travel

Staff writer – March 1, 2018

Make memories, earn loyalty, and also improve employee engagement with the best incentive travel ideas Incentive travel has become a favorite way for businesses to cultivate loyalty and uniquely reward exemplary employees for their hard work. Below, we’ve covered some of the best destinations, not to mention experience ideas that will leave a lasting positive impression.

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1. Special Events 


First, the popular choices of special events are concerts and music festivals, sporting events, theater, as well as cultural shows. For your sporting types, try exclusive World Cup, NBA, or NFL tickets. Music fans would love Lollapalooza or Brazilian Carnival. Rather than just one night to enjoy the event, plan an entire, tailor-made experience around the event, including opening and closing entertainment, tours, and luxury accommodations, in order to make the best experiences happen. 


2. The VIP Treatment 

Additionally, if possible, choose a venue that is near local luxury services and VIP events so travel time is minimized and opportunities for spectacular memories are maximized. In that case, skip the typical team-building activities at a resort and go for the exclusive celebrity meet and greet including a high-end hospitality treatment. 


3. Focus on the Experience 

Actually, if the lap of luxury isn’t part of your company’s culture, your employees may prefer a unique experience tailor-made for them. For example this can be anything from exciting rock climbing in South Africa to relaxing yoga retreats in India. Also, especially for the food and wine lovers, a culinary tour of Italy or Paris. The options are limitless and the memories of these unique experiences will last a lifetime.


In conclusion, planning the events can be fun, as the travel manager, you also must consider the logistics. Be sure that your perfectly-planned incentive trip includes a spotless budget with enough extra tucked away for incidentals and last-minute changes. A well-planned incentive trip that stays within budget and keeps employees safe will have a lasting positive impact on participants, which translates to efficient, productive, and of course happy employees.