Select a First-Rate Incentive Travel Destination for Your Employees

Staff writer – March 1, 2018 – Updated April 2

Incentive travel is one of the most powerful ways to motivate your employees and recognize their achievements. Employees who are recognized, thanked, and rewarded for their successes tend to stay with a company longer and be more enthusiastic in their work, and keeping your top performers happy and inspired is a wise investment! To maximize the benefits of incentive travel, choose an appropriate destination, whether it be relaxing, exciting, mentally stimulating, or awe-inspiring. Any of these suggestions can be adapted to your company’s budget and the size of the group.

Incentive Travel Stubhub Corporate

Choose Luxury

Corporate life can be stressful. An incentive trip shouldn’t be. Choose accommodations with VIP services so your top performers can relax and let others take care of the details. Arrange their travel from the airport or station so they don’t have to, leaving them more time to enjoy themselves and make memories. The destination could be a spa, a beach resort, a cozy cabin in wine country, a cruise, or a mountain hotel with a 5-star chef.


Choose Adventure and Fun

Your employees, like a growing number of vacationers, may prefer adventure over relaxation. Particularly if their job is primarily mental and/or sedentary, your top earners might want to exercise their bodies. Would they like to cycle through Tuscany? (Be sure you know your employee! While the thought of a cycling trip will exhaust many people, it will be paradise to a certain type of personality.) Consider a scuba diving trip to Cartagena, mountain climbing in Utah, the Dale Earnhardt driving schools, or skiing in Colorado or Austria.


If you want to include employees’ families in an incentive trip, consider a theme park such as Walt Disney World or MGM Studios, or a package that includes a water park, an amusement park, and a zoo. Actually, these would also be fun for adults, especially if you are sending a group of employees!

Choose Culture

What makes travel special is learning about a new place. These are the trips that people describe as “life-changing.” Who wouldn’t love a culinary tour of Provence, staying in French villages along the way? Or offer them a week in Vietnam. Some will enjoy seeing Vienna, home of the world’s most famous composers. Or a yoga retreat in India. With all the world to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless! And if you choose a country your company has business in, your employees will love filling in the scenery behind those names in the newsletter.

Choose an Event

Build the trip around an event, leaving plenty of time for your top earners to explore the area. Give them tickets to a sporting event, such as a World Cup match, the F1 Grand Prix, or an MLB game such as the World Series. Send them to New York City to see a Broadway show, or to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. Others may like Lollapalooza or Coachella. For a spring trip, consider the Sakura festival in Kyoto or Washington, DC. Look for special exhibitions in world-renowned art museums.


When choosing a destination, be sure to take into account the tone of the company and, especially in the case of individual trips, your employees’ tastes. Your top performer who goes bungee jumping and rock climbing on weekends may be bored at a spa! Sending your vegetarian employee to a bullfight might also be a bad idea. If you are planning a trip for a large group, pick a destination with multiple options; for example, a beach resort will offer relaxation, great food, live entertainment, and water sports.