Making the Most of Your FAM Trip

Staff writer – April 19, 2018

Being a travel agent can be hard work, but it has its perks. Familiarization trips, also known as FAM trips, are considered one of the biggest perks in the travel business. FAM trips are free or discounted vacations for travel agents or companies. These trips help agents become familiar with the destinations they’ll be sending their clients to.

FAM trips aren’t all fun and games, however; they’re often a lot of work. On some trips, you’ll have similar experiences to those your clients will have, but in other situations, your days will be more work than play. On a cruise line, for example, you might be inspecting the ship, learning more about the different types of rooms available for guests, reviewing acts and entertainment, and sampling food. This can be both fun and overwhelming.


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Even if your days aren’t completely planned out for you, you should make the most of your FAM trip. Here are a few tips to help you as you prepare to leave on your FAM excursion.

1. Learn more about your destination

The best thing you can do to prepare to go somewhere is to learn more about it. You give this advice to your clients, and it’s good advice for you as the time approaches for you to leave on your FAM trip. If you’re going to Hawaii, take the time to do some research and learn more about active volcanoes and the best beaches. Headed to Europe? Find out more about the German castles and the history behind Notre Dame. The more prepared you are before you leave, the more you’ll be ready to learn when you arrive at your destination, and the more you learn, the better travel agent you’ll be.

2. Learn more about the supplier’s services

For most FAM trips, you’ll be working with suppliers and service providers who are hoping you’ll try to sell their hospitality services to your clients. Before you participate in these trips, you should not only learn more about where you’ll be going, but you should do your part to research the supplier. What kind of client would enjoy this type of trip with this particular company? Knowing this type of broad information will help you discover the particular details about each supplier that will help you recommend the best to each of your customers. For example, you can do some research before your trip to know that a particular chain of beach resorts has certain activities available and are generally popular with higher-class clientele. Armed with this information, you can focus on the specific details, like the design and food, that will sell a vacation to your customers.

3. Find the best FAM initiatives

Not all FAM trips are equal. It might not be very beneficial to you to sign up for the first FAM experiences that come along. Instead, do your research to find the best FAM initiatives available. Look for vacations that fit the clientele you serve. If you have a special type of vacation you like to focus on in your sales, look for FAM trips specifically in those niches.

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