Essential Tips for the Best Sports Tours

Borja Pulido – 03 September, 2018

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Are you a travel agent? Do you book sports tours? Then you need to read this. This article will detail tips and tricks to planning the best client-tailored experiences.


The first thing to do is specialize. Specialization in your field has multiple results. Instead of a generalized knowledge of a lot of different things, specializing offers the ability to hone in and become an expert on the most important areas and services.


Before specializing can take place the focus needs to be established. Whether the focus is by geography, sport, or luxury is up to you; the importance lies in knowing exactly what arena you’re going to be in. As soon as you’ve decided strategic partnerships can be established.


Strategic partnerships mean you have the in when other agents may not. Establishing trust and mutual interest with other businesses and service providers turns into unique opportunities for your clientele and higher revenue for you. Just remember it’s not all about the money.


Don’t neglect fostering those relationships you worked so hard to initially establish. Through these contacts you can place yourself front and center as the leading travel agent in your specialized field, offering your clientele exclusive experiences.


Exclusivity is driven by results. What accommodations can you book? How close to the action can you get your client? What deals can you offer on tickets for top live events, lodging, guided tours, VIP experiences and meet and greet events? Are there after-parties your contact can get the client into? With the right contact a trip to the Wimbledon or the upcoming Champions League Final in Madrid can become a family extravaganza with city tours, theater tickets, fine dining reservations, and tailor-made concierge services.


Specializing means you have more time to seek out and foster the relationships that will turn into memorable trips for your clientele, driving more business through word of mouth (still the most powerful type of referral). 


You know the hard work that went into delivering the client’s tailor-made experience; while the client regales friends, family, and coworkers about their boutique experience.


This post was originally published by Borja Pulido’s personal LinkedIn account.