Create Live Event Experiences to Remember: 8 Top Tips for Successful Live Event Travel

Staff writer – 20 August, 2018

Planning a group trip to a live event is more than just the travel itinerary, group tickets, and mode of transportation. You have to choose the right trip, plan for satisfaction, and remember the little touches that really make an event special. So how do you do that? With a wide array of options it can be overwhelming trying to plan the perfect trip for you or your client. How many of us have planned vacation, left the house feeling all ready to go, and then hit a snag that made us realize we forgot something? Don’t let this happen anymore. Follow these eight tips for a seamless trip – pack your bags and leave behind the worry.


Live Event Experiences People

Travel in style

This is an important experience so treat it like one in every detail. Those amazing front row tickets and the luxe hotel accommodations will be dampened by cramped airplane seating and stale peanuts. An itinerary with multiple layovers, cramped quarters, or poor service will leave your clients in a negative state of mind when they finally reach their destination. Make your mode of transportation match the other amenities of the trip. This makes for a seamless experience that clients will talk about for years.

Select fitting live event experiences

What’s right for the group? Where do they want to go? Are you planning a VIP package to the Champions League Final, or perhaps an evening with the Vienna Philharmonic is more to order? Knowing what your client or colleague’s needs are is paramount. Make sure to ask about their goals for the event. Is this a team building trip, an event for a company VIP, or an incentive weekend? Find out their budget and the special extras they want. This is where a successful experience begins. 


Find a reliable ticket partner so everyone gets there

You need a partner that can offer seamless and trustworthy service. This is the partner who gets you those deals and opportunities that really make a business trip an experience to remember. You want to find out their level of experience and how they can help make event planning more seamless. A great partner should be able to offer a premium selection of top global events, have trusted supply sources, and resources to make sure everyone enjoys the show. 


Pick great seating

Don’t be lost in the crowd! You’ve taken the time and care planning an amazing experience, so don’t waste the effort with poor seating. And too far away from the action is just as bad as losing that group element to scattered seating. This can be where having great travel assistance really helps.

Those are the people who have the top access to great tickets at events that sell out quickly or are hard to get into. It can be especially tricky to get those prime seats for larger numbers. Use this opportunity to let them do some of the work for you.


Convenience is key

Live Event Experiences Stadium

Start with the location of the event. Where will that concert or sporting event be taking place? Then book accommodations close enough to the action to allow for maximum convenience. This is also another opportunity to meet and exceed your client’s needs. While some clients may want hotel reservations as close to the football stadium as possible, others might want transportation services from a hotel that is further away in quieter surroundings. Is there another event your clients are planning on attending? For example, an after-party or planned team activity. Knowing the location of all planned events and activities during a client’s stay allows you the opportunity to book the best accommodations possible.


Hospitality services

Give your clients the real VIP experience. While a hotel should offer the basic hospitality services of housekeeping and a helpful front desk staff, there are other amenities you can look for that serve to improve the experience. These may include fine dining reservations, catered beverage selections during live event experiences or activities (as applicable), and local concierge services.


Those special touches

This is where you can really shine. The little extras create those special wow moments that leave lasting impressions. They turn a great trip into a memorable experience. These include: meet and greets, fun event packs, and special commemorative farewell gifts. When you’re finding out what your client needs for planning their live event experiences it’s easy to assess, along with travel plans and guest lists, what little extras can be added to really make this trip stand out. It’s also about convenience for the client. These are the experiences or gifts that can be supplied at the destination, taking away all the worry and planning from the client.


Plan to avoid emergencies

No matter how well-planned a trip may be there’s always the potential for bumps in the road. Don’t leave yourself or your clients without help. Ensure you have the backing of a service that provides assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week in your native language. That way, no matter what, you and your clients know you’re taken care of!

Following these simple tips will ensure that travel and accommodation run smoothly. With the right tools, every live event experiences can be the best one yet!