Client Entertainment Essentials

Staff writer – 18 de Junio, 2018

Effective client entertainment means keeping the client happy in an almost-casual environment with subtle business overtures. So what is the best way to navigate this balancing act? By keeping in mind these essentials as you plan for important client entertainment opportunities.

Client Entertainment StubHub CorporateConsiderations

Remember this is business. Whether a corporate event or an evening at a restaurant, don’t get too wild. Appearance and behavior leave lasting impressions. Dress for the occasion – fine dining should be kept more formal than breakfast at a local diner – and don’t overdo it with the drinking. Keep in mind the legal and ethical considerations, too. Clients, especially international clients with different cultural backgrounds, may be accustomed to different methods of entertainment. Follow some basic etiquette. This often seems outdated in our society, but small gestures can leave lasting impressions. Only take your seat after the client and never let the client see the bill or the money when picking up the check. And finally, don’t talk business unless the client does – and if they do, be ready to offer intelligent and thorough discussion on the matter.


Leisure Time Together

Plan something unique. Don’t rely on the clichéd tourist attractions. Find what’s special about your city or your business that can then be translated into a unique and memorable outing. A happy hour whale-watching boat trip could be ideal for a seaside location, while a long-established business might plan for a walking tour of historical sites. Just make sure first that your client won’t be put off by your planned activities, which brings us to the final tip. 


Appeal to the Client’s Passions

Find out what the client is passionate about and incorporate that into your time together. With the massive online presence in today’s world it’s easy to do a little cyber-snooping to discover what your client enjoys. Are they a golfer? Plan an exclusive golf outing. Take the time to discover what will leave lasting memories. The time you take to research and plan – and always do plan – client entertainment reflects on your business as a whole. If you put that much effort into entertaining, the client is sure to believe that your work will be equally researched, planned, and executed.

In the end all the invested effort will lead to happy clientele and happy clientele lead to increased business. Never let a client entertainment opportunity pass by without making it a memorable experience.