11 World’s Music Festivals for you to flash your new sunnies this summer.

Staff writer – June 4, 2018

There’s nothing quite like live music: the beat of the drums changing the rhythm of your heart, the thrum of the bass, the harmonies, the energy of the performers feeding the hunger of the crowd… it’s an experience unmatched by much else.

Music festivals take the excitement of live music and turn it into an adventure that lasts for days. The little details of music festivals take these exciting experiences to a whole new level.

To help you start planning the perfect music festival journey, we’ve compiled a list of eleven of the best music festivals in the world. These festivals combine the best talent with the most spectacular venues and delicious food to create an unforgettable experience.


Widely recognized as the best electronic music festival in the world, this event turns ‘25 years young’ so you can expect the most amazing celebratory stravaganza happening in Barcelona this summer.


Montreux Jazz Festival

Held in Montreux, Switzerland, this annual festival is perfect for fans of scat and jazz. It lasts an impressive two weeks and includes competitions as well as top performances. 



This festival is held in Somerset, UK, and features a wide range of music from dubstep to folk to techno and metal and rock to reggae and pop. It has cabaret tents and stages, as well. This is a popular festival that’s great for the well-rounded music lover. 



Coachella is arguably the most popular music festival in the United States, featuring huge headliners and hours of great music. It is held at the end of April each year in California.

Pol’and’Rock Festival

The Pol’and’Rock Festival is held in, you guessed it, Poland. It’s fashioned after Woodstock and features popular rock artists. Its motto is “Love, Friendship and Music.” Plan for it in August of each year.


This African music festival is held in Morocco each year in May. This festival hosts popular headliners and African luminaries, and is a powerful tribute to African music.


Held each year in August in Budapest, this festival pulls in hundreds of thousands of people each year. It’s considered one of Europe’s best music festivals and lasts for a week.


EXIT Festival

This music festival, held in Serbia in a medieval fortress, really focuses on the little things. In addition to having hours of music on 16 stages, it has a 3D dance arena, a zip line, and a sports area.


Held annually in June in Vienna, Austria, this festival hosts more than 200 acts on 11 stages and supports local talent by rewarding the winners of the Rock the Island Contest with the opportunity to perform alongside headliners.

Meadows in the Mountains

While most of the festivals on this list are larger events more attractive to risk-takers, Meadows in the Mountains is a calmer event located in the beautiful Rhodopes Mountains of Bulgaria. It lasts four days and is held annually in June.


This Japanese music festival celebrates indie rock, hip hop, jazz, pop punk, and other music genres over the course of two days. It’s held in Yoshida Park in Yoshida, Japan, and takes place outdoors while focusing on being eco-friendly.

And that’s not all, StubHub Corporate is partnering with many other amazing festivals all over the world, including Strawberries & Creem and Eastern Electric in the UK, Bud Light Hellow Festival in Mexico, BBK Live, Donostia Festivala, Azkena Rock Festival, BIME, Rio Babel and San San in Spain and so many more.

Feeling like putting on your sunnies already?

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