A specialized team from different nationalities and present in 24 different countries, make the soul of the company; available 365 days a year.  Our offices are located in: Madrid, Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Shanghai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney



Day by day we provide unique experiences to our clients and VIP groups all over the world. Our main objective is to listen to you and to know your expectations in order to provide you with a complete experience. For us nothing is impossible or too complicated. We are sure that by talking to you we´ll find the perfect experience that fits your needs



We are specialist in exceeding your expectations, adding an extra value or “WOW FACTOR” to the international events on offer. If you are not sure of how to take great advantage of your trip just talk to us and let us know what sort of things you like, we will create the perfect experience according to your needs



In StubHub Corporate everything has to be perfectly done and nothing is too complicated to be accomplished. We take care of every single detail throughout the whole experience by giving complete support to our clients and ensuring that everything fits to the high expectations of our clients. Because details make the difference